The Silver Bullet
Reopening Memorial Day Weekend 2018

The Silver Bullet

Ever wished you could experience the thrill of a Nascar Race Driver as he accelerates coming out of a corner? The Silver Bullet can give you this thrill and more as it speeds up and down the oceanfront.

Sounds like a theme park, right?
On the Silver Bullet, you won't have to wait in long lines, because you'll never have to get off the boat to experience all this family fun! The Silver Bullet's twin V-12 turbo-charged diesel engines will show you the Wildwoods in a truly one-of-a-kind way.



Sil*ver* Bul*let - definition: A sleek missile-like object that travels with extreme speed, stopping only for dolphins.
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(609) 522-6060
WARNING: The Surgeon Beauty Technician has concluded that frequent exposure to the SILVER BULLET Speedboat Ride can (without hair ties) lead to a Bad Hair Day.

Record Sightings

And nothing puts a stop to the hard-charging raw speed of the Silver Bullet like the daily spotting of our dolphin friends! Our captain will expertly maneuver you to our mammal friends' favorite fishing spot. Your family will have the time of their lives watching the dolphins glide and cavort alongside the Silver Bullet. You'll also see many types of marine life and pelagic birds along the way. Of course, there's nothing like a Silver Bullet tan, so be sure to pack the sunscreen. Wear casual clothes or bathing suits, as the spray will cool and refresh you (bring a sweater of jacket on cooler days). So hustle on down for some legally insane fun over the wild blue yonder aboard a speeding bullet.

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The Silver Bullet

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The Silver Bullet

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